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In the event that students leave your parish, you can delete their records from your database. 


Deleting a record removes it permanently from your database. To hide the record without removing it, make it inactive instead.

You can delete student records by navigating to Information > Students.

Useful Information

Information on the Student Sacraments window is erased when you delete a student, but the information on the Sacramental Register window remains.

 To delete a student's record
  1. Locate the student record you want to delete.
  2. At the top, click Delete Student.
  3. Depending on your settings, an additional dialog box displays. Select an option in the General Reason for Deletion list, and click Use/OK.

    Useful Information

    This additional dialog box only displays if the Ask for Reason on Significant Changes option is selected in the Initial Setup window.

  4. To print the student information, click Yes. To delete without printing, click No
  5. If this record is not being used in another program, you can keep the data for future use.

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