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The Student windows display student specific information as well as information about the student's family. You can view information that's pertinent to everything from everyday activities to emergency situations. On the Information tab, click Students.

Locating a Student

At the top, you can search for a single record based on a student’s name, an address, phone number, and the like. Or you can scroll through each record until you find the one you want. For more information, see Locate a Record.

Adding and Viewing Documents

In several Student windows, you can add and view additional documents that support the information you entered in those windows. Click Add Documents, and upload the documents. For more information, see Add and View Documents.

Viewing Student Information in Other PDS Programs

School Office displays icons to indicate a student's status as well as his or her visibility in other PDS programs. For more information, see Program Icons.

Managing Students in Divorced Families

If students are part of a divorced family, there are certain things you need to do. For more information, see Manage Students of Divorced Families.

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