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You can receive and submit diocesan surveys. Here are a few details about the surveys:

  • To receive and submit surveys through your PDS Office program, you must have Internet access.
  • If your diocese uses preset answers, they're automatically added for you using answers from a previous survey and the registration information from your PDS Office program.
  • Required questions display in red and must be answered before you can submit the survey.
  • You can save a survey at any stage of completion and return to it later.
  • Once you submit a survey, it can only be viewed and is locked from resubmission unless the diocese unlocks it.

Useful Information

User access to the surveys is set in the Access and Privileges section under the Data Synchronization program area. If your diocese assigns a survey, ensure that you give your users proper access and privileges in your PDS Office program.


To view surveys, on the File menu, click Data Synchronization > Surveys from the Diocese.

 To answer and submit a survey
  1. Select a survey from the survey list, and click Answer Survey.
  2. Answer the survey questions, and click Submit > Yes.
  3. A submission summary displays. If the survey submission fails, the summary displays with a list of issues that prevented successful submission.


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