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This page is broken into four major parts that each give you a slightly different perspective on how well the people of your church are taking to The City.

Four Different Metrics

Engagement: Your monthly engagement rate is the number of users who have engaged in the past month (engaged users) divided by the number of users who have engaged in the last six months (connected users). This gives you a good idea of how involved your people are when it comes to using The City. Using the drop-down menu, you can specify a group type and see how engaged users are according to the kinds of groups they're participating in.

Adoption: This section displays the number of active users versus connected users at any given time in your City. The percent of connected metric helps you see what portion of active users are really participating on The City. As your church grows and your count of total users goes up, keep an eye on the trend of this percentage, as it gives you an idea of how many people are actually involved in your church.

Activity: Curious how much interaction each type of post is generating in your City? This metric gives you the answer to that question. This chart reflects the number of post interactions every month, including both the initial posts and responses to them.

Group Participation: These statistics show you how many unique people have at least one active role in each type of group. This is a great way to know which kinds of groups and ministries people are most interested in joining around your church.

In all of these metrics, keep an eye on the and beside each number. These indicate the current trend in your numbers over the last month.

Things to Remember

  • To see older information in the graphs, use the sliders at the top.
  • Wherever a metric counts the number of people in a specific group type, it only counts each person once, regardless of how many groups of the same type they may be a part of.
  • The Activity metric does not include deleted posts or posts made in a group that has been archived or is scheduled to be.
  • When viewing the group participation data for groups under a specific campus, the user counts are not dependent on the users' participation in the campus, only their participation in the groups under it.