On February 28, 2019, we're saying goodbye to The City, but we have something even better for you in Realm.

We've made it easy for you to transition to a more powerful, robust, and intuitive platform designed to engage your congregation and manage your church.

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Found in the main navigation menu, the calendar collects all your events from all the groups you are a part of and puts them in one place. It displays events made in your City's groups and appears on the events tab in both the news feed and every group you're a part of.

What the Calendar Does

The Calendar page is broken into two sections: a list of events and a little calendar. On each of these tabs is a monthly calendar and a list of events with more information. Clicking the arrows above the calendar view changes the month on both the calendar and the list, so you can plan ahead further than the next few weeks. If the event list is long, you can click a specific date on the calendar to see only the events for that day. When you find an event you're interested in, you can respond right from the calendar or click its title to see the event posting in its entirety.

Also note that there are three tabbed calendars you can view: All, Church, and Not Responded.

  • Select the All tab to display all the events in all your groups for the current month.
  • Select the Church tab to display only those events made and scheduled in your church group, so you can get a view of only the official church activities.
  • And, of course, select the Not Responded tab to view only events to which you haven't yet RSVP'd.

As a bonus, if it's more convenient, you can even subscribe to The City's calendar feed to get all your upcoming events and activities sent to whatever personal calendar tool you may use on your computer or online.

What the Calendar Doesn't Do

The calendar is a tool designed to give every member a glance at all their relevant upcoming activities. It's a way of aggregating all events in one place, not a means of scheduling your week. As such, there are a few things you may expect from a calendar that ours is not designed to do:

  • You can't post a note on the calendar to remind yourself to pick up milk.
  • You can't add an event to someone else's City calendar. 
  • You can't take something off the calendar, unless you delete the event from its group.
  • You can't edit events that don't belong to you.

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Things To Remember

  • If you're trying to review an event that's already happened, you can search for it by clicking Past Events above the event list.

  • To see a calendar specific to a particular group, go to that group's page and select the Events tab. This tab behaves exactly like the calendar page, except it reflects a group's activities, not a member's.
  • The City's calendar only goes as far out as your church or group has already created future events. Anything beyond that would be an empty month, and there's no reason to display that.
  • A recurring event only displays the first 10 occurrences of the event on the calendar. This means a daily event only displays 10 days worth, weekly only 10 weeks worth, and a monthly only 10 months worth.
  • On the news feed, the calendar displays all events from all your groups. In a group, it displays only events from the group from which you're viewing.
  • If you want your personal calendar to only show church events you plan to attend, be sure to select Just your events when choosing which feed to use.