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If you are setting up your children's ministry module, and need a little guidance, you're in the right place. Below is a series of videos and materials aimed at helping you get your children's ministry up and running as a vital part of your children's ministry routine. 
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Setting Up

This video looks at the nuts and bolts of getting your check-in kiosk running. It's the all important first step of the process and the starting point for a good children's ministry launch.

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Training for Volunteers

This video sums up the roles and responsibilities of the different volunteers who will be working with the check-in kiosk on an average Sunday morning. If you're a volunteer assigned to help parents check in, the first video is for you. If you are also responsible for administering the check-in process, watch the second video as well.

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Checking In Volunteers

Before you can check children with to the check-in kiosk for Sunday school, you must check in volunteers who are going to work with them in the classroom.

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