On February 28, 2019, we're saying goodbye to The City, but we have something even better for you in Realm.

We've made it easy for you to transition to a more powerful, robust, and intuitive platform designed to engage your congregation and manage your church.

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If you're in process of rolling out The City, it's important to build and maintain the enthusiasm of your congregation. Below, you'll find several files to assist you in educating and exciting the people of your church.

Some Helpful Documents

Though there's no lack of helpful materials you can use in your City launch, here are some images and documents that are particularly helpful to give out to your staff and congregation as you launch your City.

The Launch Training Process on City Builders

This process has been designed to help you become familiar with The City and to assist you and your team in developing strategies for launching The City at your church. You must be a member of City Builders to start the Launch Training Process. We also recommend that you join the Launch Training group in City Builders

Access the Launch Training Process


These documents provide samples to help you get started. 

Feature Videos

If you haven’t seen our feature videos, they're worth a look. They can be good tools for encouraging adoption among your congregation as you launch.

The City Guides

Do you need a downloadable guide on a specific topic? Check out our City Guides section for a list of available guides in PDF format!

Connections with The City 

Church software, such as ACS and PDS, allows you to export or sync member information with The City. For more information, view the links below.