On February 28, 2019, we're saying goodbye to The City, but we have something even better for you in Realm.

We've made it easy for you to transition to a more powerful, robust, and intuitive platform designed to engage your congregation and manage your church.

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Imagine that you just received an important email, and you need to share this information with one of your City groups right away. As a group leader or manager, you can create a new group topic by sending an email to a unique City group email address. You can also add this group email address to your address book to create posts from your inbox at anytime. 

Locate the Group Email Address

First, you need to know the group's email address. You can find this on the Group Settings page. 


 To locate the group email address
  1. To see a list of your groups, click Groups in the city menu.
  2. To navigate to the group page, click the name of the group.
  3. In the icon tray, click and select Group Settings.
  4. Find the group email address located in the center of the page. It is in the following format: groupnickname@yourchurch.onthecitymail.org.

Create a Group Topic Using Email 

The messages you send to this group email address become topic posts in your City group. This process is no different from writing a normal email. 


 To create a group topic using email
  1. In the To field, enter the City group email address. You can also select the group email address from your address book if you've already saved it.
  2. Enter the email's subject. This becomes the topic's title.
  3. Enter your message in the email's body. This becomes the topic's content.
  4. Send the email as you normally do. It will appear as a new topic for everyone in your City group to view.

Security Requirements

Starting a group topic from an email requires a few security checks. This prevents your group from receiving unwanted topic spam. The two security rules are: 

  • You must send the mail from your City account's primary email address.
  • The email must pass an email security check (either SPF or DKIM). Most major email providers won't have any issues passing this check. 

If something does go wrong, you'll receive an email from The City with instructions on how to troubleshoot the issue. 

Things to Remember

  • Attachments, such as pictures and documents, will not appear in the group topic, even if you append them to your email. You can, however, edit your topic to add additional items within The City.  
  • You can't create topics using email in Seed Groups, since they are not officially church endorsed groups. Seed Groups don't have a nickname, and therefore can't use this feature.