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When something comes up in life that you need your community to pray for, a City prayer request may be in order.


 To create a new prayer
  1. In the left navigation menu, click News.
  2. Click Start a New Post, and then click Prayer.
  3. Click Select a Group and select the group name from the drop-down list.
  4. Enter a title and body.
  5. Apply any additional options:
    1. Use the text formatting tools to make your message look the way you want.
    2. Select Allow this post to be shared to share this post with other groups.
    3. Select Publicize on The City Plaza to choose Plaza options.
    4. Attach a file to your post.
      • Click Advanced Options.
      • Click + Add a File.
      • Click Choose File to browse for what you want.
      • Repeat this process to add more files.
  6. Click Post This!.


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Things to Remember

  • Hidden groups don't offer the options of sharing or Plaza-posting.
  • Posting to the Plaza is only available if your church has enabled the Plaza. The options for posting to it will also depend on certain City-wide settings.