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This is a very special kind of post, designed to help service groups get the word out to the community regarding volunteering opportunities. You can only create a service opportunity in a service group; no other type of group offers this ability.

Once you create a service opportunity, it exists in at least two places. First, it lives as a need in the group that made it. Second, it displays in the Service Opportunities section, where all service opportunities are displayed for those hoping to help somewhere at church.


 To create a service opportunity
  1. In your service group, click Start a New Post.
  2. Choose Need as your type of post.
  3. Enter a title.
  4. Enter the content of your need.
  5. Use the text formatting tools to make your message look the way you want.
  6. Under Options, select Service Opportunity.
  7. Apply any other options you want:
    • Attach a file to your post.
      1. Click + Add a File.
      2. Click Choose File to browse for what you want.
      3. Repeat this process to add more files.
    • Click Change the need address to assign a custom address for the need. If you don't add one, the post will use the default address of the group.
    • Select Share to share this post with other groups.
    • Select Publish to unveil the Plaza options available to you.
    • You can also apply other options.
  8. Click Post This Need.
  9. Choose the skill you'd like to associate with this service opportunity.
  10. Click Update.

Your new post now appears in your service group, as well as the service opportunities page, to help people get connected with volunteering opportunities.

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Things to Remember

  • Though service opportunities are most often made by group leaders and managers, they can be made by anyone in a service group. 
  • In a multi-campus City, the service opportunities page only displays listings from service groups in the viewing user's primary campus, to ensure they're volunteering at the location they call home.

  • Each service opportunity remains on the Service Opportunities page for two months, except featured opportunities, which have no limit. If you have a longstanding need, be sure to refresh it. To do that, open the post in your group, click , and click Update. The post will be automatically re-added to the list.

  • If you want to get some added publicity for your service need, you can also choose to share it, publish it to the Plaza, or make a promotion for it.