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Engaging in other people's discussions is a great way to build community, but so is starting one of your own. You can create a new topic from the newsfeed, or the Topics, Prayers or Needs tabs. 


 To create a new topic
  1. In the left navigation menu, click News.
  2. Click Start a New Post, and then click Topic.
  3. Click Select a Group and select the group name from the drop-down list.
  4. Enter the title and body of the topic.
  5. Apply any additional options:
    • Use the text formatting tools to make your message look the way you want.
    • Select Allow this post to be shared to share this post with other groups.
    • Select Publicize on The City Plaza to choose Plaza options.
    • Attach a file to your post.
      1. Click Advanced Options.
      2. Click + Add a File.
      3. Click Choose File to browse for what you want.
      4. Repeat this process to add more files.
  6. Click Post This!

Things to Remember

  • Hidden groups  do not offer the options of sharing or Plaza posting.
  • Posting to the Plaza is only an available option if your church has enabled the Plaza. The options for posting to it also depend on certain City-wide site settings .
  • You can also attach videos to a post .