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When you want to customize your instance of The City to reflect the unique personality of your church, on the Admin menu, select Design to access the tools created to help mold your City's appearance. This is only available to users with designer privileges.

This tool set is broken into five different sections that control various elements of your City's design.

Design Tab Definitions

Logos & Background: This is where you can upload your church logos and background images for the site.

Theme Colors: Use the options in this section to set the color palette for various elements of your City appearance.

Theme Images: Use this tool to customize the background images applied to many of The City’s content areas. Each of these images should be understood as a pattern, and should therefore be small and designed to repeat. The footer background is an exception and can be as large as you like. For each image, there is a picture to explain where it displays on the site.

Legacy Styling: This tool displays any legacy styling elements previously applied to your City. As your design evolves over time, this is a good way to keep track of how your City looked in the past.

Children's Ministry: This section controls all the design elements of your church's children's ministry module. Working with your children's ministry leadership, you can use these tools to design the check-in kiosk.

Things to Remember

Children's ministry design options are only available if your church has purchased and activated the children's ministry module.