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The Giving option connects you to all your personal tools for entering and managing financial donations to the church. There are a potential of five different tools at your disposal, and they are broken into four tabs on the Giving page.

Giving Tabs

Give Online: Use this tab to make an online donation to your church. This feature is only available when activated by a financial administrator under the giving module's settings.

My Giving: This tab provides you the ability to enter a recurring monthly pledge. You can also create and view your own giving statement, so you can keep track of your giving history.

Scheduled Donations: Use this tab to view and edit your recurrent donations.

Accounts: Because online donations can come from as many bank accounts, debit cards, or credit cards you like, you need a place to manage those accounts. On this tab, you can add, edit, and delete your various accounts.

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Things to Remember

  • The tools included on this page depend on the settings your church enabled. If your church hasn't purchased or activated the giving module, the Giving page doesn't display at all.
  • Pledging is not the same as giving. It's only an expression of your intent to give a certain amount to your church on a monthly basis. The amount entered is not automatically deducted.