On February 28, 2019, we're saying goodbye to The City, but we have something even better for you in Realm.

We've made it easy for you to transition to a more powerful, robust, and intuitive platform designed to engage your congregation and manage your church.

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The login is where every City visit begins. Enter your login and password, then click Log In to view all of your City groups and content.

There are a couple of additional features on this page that you may need from time to time.

Additional Features

Keep me logged in: Select Keep me logged in when you first sign in to allow your session to remain active for two weeks, even if you close your browser window. At public computers, it's best not to select this option.

Forgot your login?: Click this link to recover your login name if you forget it. Enter your email address, click Send Login, then go to your email inbox to recover it.

Forgot your password?: If you forget your password, click this link to recover it. Enter your email address or login and click Send Password. A email directs you to a page where you can reset your password.

Prefer the mobile site?: Click this link to switch from the desktop version of The City to its mobile version, which is designed specifically for use on mobile phones and other touch devices. If you are on the mobile version of the site, this link changes to Prefer the regular site?.