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If you're a leader at your church, you know it can be a challenge to find the right volunteer for a particular serving opportunity. The City helps make that simpler by allowing you to send a message to everyone in your City who has the skill you're looking for.

Anyone on The City is able to find people who have a certain skill, but if you're a group leader or manager, you also have the ability send a message to all those people at once.


 To find users with a skill
  1. In the consolidated search bar in the upper-right of every page on the user's side of The City, begin typing the name of a skill you'd like to find.
  2. Select the correct item from the list of Skills provided at the bottom of your search results.
  3. At the bottom of the next page is a list of all the people with that skill.

 To send a message to everyone with a skill
  1. From the Skill page, click + Send a Message to the people with this skill under the campus group of your choosing.
  2. In the panel that descends, enter your message text.
  3. Click Send Message.

Things to Remember

A leader or manager in any City group can send this type of message to the skilled people in any campus group. However if you're a leader or manager of a Campus or church group, you can also send one of these messages to the people under the Users that are not in any Campus groups heading.

The one message you send to the whole list of people with a given skill becomes a series of private messages between only you and each person. This gives a bit more anonymity to the potential volunteers and keeps everyone from getting spammed by each response.