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Consider messages like an email: a private communication between two or more users outside the setting of a group.

When you first open the messages page from the navigation menu, you will go to your inbox, which displays all messages in which another participant was the last to post. Unread messages are bold to alert you that you haven't read them yet, and there is a numbered badge beside the Messages menu item to let you know that new messages have arrived.

On the Messages page, the filter tabs allow you to sort which messages you want to show: All, Inbox, Sent, or Archived. Messages you were the last participant to respond to display on the Sent tab. When another participant replies to a message, it moves back to your Inbox. If you have a message that you don't want cluttering your Inbox, you can save it into your Archived tab, where it is out of your way, but always accessible when needed.

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Things to Remember

  • You'll get email reminders for all your City messages as well. If you respond to one of those emails, your reply is automatically added to the thread in The City!
  • If you're looking for a message you can't find, consider searching for it by title in the search bar, which is available on every tab.
  • You can perform an action (archive, unarchive, mark as read, mark as unread, or delete) to multiple messages in your inbox at one time. Just select the check boxes of all the desired messages before clicking the appropriate button.