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On this administrative page there are innumerable ways to track how much user activity your City is receiving. This includes the total amount of user engagement across your instance of The City, user activity in particular groups and group types, the number of groups created over time, the quantity and kinds of posts made and responded to, and much more. Akin to the Statistics page, this is a much more in-depth look at the usage of your City and its progression over time.

Metrics are provided in several areas to help administrators and leaders better understand how effectively your congregation is using The City.

In every case, records are kept on a weekly basis to help chart your church's progress over time. Use this data to see where and when your church's City usage is strongest and weakest. Then, adapt your strategies, pick the brains of successful group leaders, and encourage your people in the ways necessary to draw everyone further into the community and mission of the church.

Metric Categories

People: View data on your users and their weekly engagement on The City such as:

  • Overall user activity, sorted by level of engagement
  • User participation in the various group types in your City
  • Offline user engagement, membership, and group participation
  • Combined numbers of online and offline users

Groups: This page holds important metric data revolving around groups and group participation such as:

  • Engagement rate per group type and how many of each type are engaged
  • The number of new groups made in the last week and the number of links made between groups
  • The number of groups reaching different levels of engagement: high (75% or more), medium (25-75%), and poor (25% or less)
  • Which group types have the most users involved in them

Activity: This section of metrics keeps count of how many topics, prayers, needs, events, and status updates have been made in your City, as well as the number of responses, email responses, and mobile responses made to each type of post.

Plaza: Under this heading, you'll find a variety of information detailing user engagement with the Plaza 

Custom: This section keeps all your custom metrics in one place, for your reference.

Things to Remember

Some of this metric data also displays on the administrative dashboard. Regardless of privilege, that tools lets all administrators see the most essential metric information regarding the church.