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Like a town square, the Plaza is a public meeting space where your church can use your City-based tools to interact with people outside The City. Because the Plaza is accessible to people inside and outside your church, it looks and behaves like its own website, where your church's groups come together and share content. There are some common themes between this and the interior of The City, like the power bar, your church's logo in the upper-left corner, tabs for the five different types of posts, and a search bar.

You can search through the different types of posts by either scrolling through the Show All tab or by filtering out a specific type of post with one of the other tabs. These are posts that people in your church have freely posted to the Plaza from various City groups. When you find a post you're interested in, click it to learn more and interact with it. This is where things get interesting.

If you're currently logged in to your City account, you can immediately respond to the post. If you're not logged in to your City account, click Login to Your Church, sign in, and start engaging. 

Things to Remember

  • The Plaza may or may not be available depending on whether or not your church’s account administrator has activated it in the site settings.
  • An account admin can also govern who can post to the Plaza. This privilege can be given to everyone or restricted to group administrators, church members, or staff members.
  • All posts sent to the Plaza are run past a group leader, who can veto them. Church administrators can also delist published Plaza posts.

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