On February 28, 2019, we're saying goodbye to The City, but we have something even better for you in Realm.

We've made it easy for you to transition to a more powerful, robust, and intuitive platform designed to engage your congregation and manage your church.

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Account administrators use this tool to assign certain types and degrees of administrative access and responsibility to other users in The City. There are nine types of administrative authority that can be given to users within your City: 

Privilege Descriptions

Account Admin: This type of administrator defines much of the basic functionality of your City, having access to everything under Site Settings, the ability to activate and manage plugins, and responsibility for distributing all other administrative privileges.

User Admin: Give this privilege to provide someone the ability to manage individual users’ profiles with the Users section of the admin panel. This person oversees both online and offline users and can edit everything about a user's profile except the password associated with it.

Group Admin: This administrative privilege grants a user the ability to oversee all the groups in your City. This includes creating a new group, deleting outdated ones, managing group participants, maintaining and rearranging the group tree, and validating seed groups. A group administrator can also edit and remove posts in any group they're a part of, just like a manager, and join groups at will, without leader approval.

This administrative privilege comes in two sub-types.

  • Church-Wide: A user with this type of group admin access can work with any group in the entirety of your City.
  • Campus: This specification gives a user group admin access specifically over the groups under one of your campuses. When choosing this administrative privilege, you must also select the particular campus this user will administer.

Financial Admin: Anyone with this administrative privilege has access to the Financial tools. This comes in three sub-types:

  • Admin: This sub-type has complete access to the full Financial menu. Exclusive to this type of user are the Settings, FundsDonationsPledges, Online Giving, and  Import tools. This gives the user control over the structure and function of finances on The City.
  • Input: Giving someone this level of authority enables them to enter financial data. Batches and Donors are the tools at this user’s disposal.
  • Report: This sub-type limits the administrator to only the Reports section of the Financial tools.

Process Admin: This administrative user has charge over the  Processes menu, allowing for the creation and management of all processes, question sets, and process reports.

Designer: Giving this administrative privilege to a user grants them access to the Design tools. This is the person responsible for the customized appearance of your City.

Support Admin: People with this privilege are responsible for handling help tickets regarding your church and its systems and policies. They’re the only administrators without access to the admin panel.

Resource Admin: This privilege grants administrative responsibility for creating and managing resources. It is only available as part of the children's ministry module.

Things to Remember

  • Every administrator, regardless of their privileges, also has access to the Admin menu's dashboard, except the resource admin.
  • When a City is first created, one person at the church gets account administrator access so they can assign the other roles.
  • It's a good idea to keep more than one account administrator at all times. This ensures there's always someone with top-level access, even if one someone accidentally removes himself from that position.
  • People labeled as staff can view participant phone numbers, so it's not necessary to give user administrator access just so people can see others' contact info.