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Resources exist exclusively for use with the children's ministry module. They are designed to represent classrooms in your children's ministry and can be requested by and assigned to any group that your ministry needs.

There are three primary pieces associated with resources: creating resources, requesting resources, and assigning resources. The first of these is exclusively in the hands of the resource administrator, who is the only user with access to making and maintaining resources. Anyone creating or editing an event in a children's-ministry group can request a resource for that event.It's the job of the resource agent to assign each resource appropriately.

Once a resource is assigned to a room and you set the age assignments for your classes, the check-in kiosk automatically checks kids in to the right class group and tracks how many kids are in the classroom, versus how many should be. Anytime in the check-in process, a leader of the children's ministry check-in group can access the children's ministry admin panel and click the resources menu for at-a-glance space availability in each room.


Things to Remember

 Though you can see how many spaces are filled as kids are checked in, The City never stops parents from checking their kids in to a room.