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One goal of The City is to help the people of your church serve each other and the world outside. Finding people who have the skills you need for a ministry opportunity, a neighbor, or even yourself is one way this is accomplished. Though this is particularly helpful for ministry leaders and people involved in a service group, every City user has the ability to find people by their skills.


 To find users with a skill
  1. In the consolidated search bar in the upper-right of every page on the user's side of The City, begin typing the name of a skill you'd like to find.
  2. Select the correct item from the list of Skills provided at the bottom of your search results.
  3. At the bottom of the next page is a list of all the people with that skill.

Once you've found someone with the skill you need, click the person's picture to visit his profile and start a message with them to see if they can help you out.

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