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Unlike posts, which can be seen by everyone in a group, a message is a private conversation. Therefore, the method to create a message is different than group-based posts. Those under 18 cannot view the messages tab.


 To start a message
  1. From the navigation menu on the left of the page, select Messages.
  2. Click + Write a Message.
  3. In the Recipients field, begin entering someone's name and select the right picture from the drop-down list. Repeat this process to add more than one person to the message.
  4. Enter a subject and the body of your message.
  5. Apply any desired options:
    1. Use the text-formatting tools at the top to make your message look just the way you want it to.
    2. Attach a file to your message.
      1. Click + Add a File.
      2. Click Choose File to browse for what you want and attach it.
      3. Repeat this process to add more files.
  6. Click Send This Message.


Message recipients can respond with a message in return. When they do, you and everyone else involved are notified.