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In the Site Settings, an account administrator can customize essential elements of your users' and administrators' City experience.

In Site Settings, you can set and edit the terminology, features, skills, group tags, group health settings, and custom fields for your City instance. Below is a synopsis of each section.

Site Settings

Terminology: Here you can change the names of the types of City groups and the term member to match the terms used at your church. This helps make the relationship between your church and your City more seamless.

Features: There are many options to choose from when determining how your City will function as a whole. This section of your site settings is where you go:

Skills: Here you can edit the list of skills your users choose from when indicating skills in their profiles.

Group Tags: Edit the list of tags groups use to label who they are, what they’re about, and when they meet. These tags make finding a group easier for new or disconnected users.

Group Health: The group health tool is custom-built for your community groups, group leaders, and small group pastors, enabling them to quickly view and assess the spiritual health of the groups and people in the church. This all starts here on the Site Settings page, where you can customize the health fields available to your group leaders.

Custom Fields: Use this section to create custom fields attached to your users. These custom fields can display a wide variety of information to help you gain a better, more church-specific understanding of the people in your congregation.

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