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The mobile version of The City was designed for use on your mobile device and keeps you in touch with your community while you’re on the go. Everything in the mobile site stems from six main menu icons at the top of the page. From here, you can access much of your church's City experience from wherever you are.

News Feed: View the most recent news from all your groups and friends. This is also where you land whenever you sign in to The City Mobile.

Groups: Choose from a list of all your groups and view everything going on between the people of that particular group. Engage in topics whenever a relevant thought hits you, RSVP to a group event on the fly, send out a prayer request right when you need it, and respond to a  need as soon as it comes up.

Friends: Browse a list of all your City friends and link to any one of their profiles.

Status Updates: Next, click the status icon to see a history of your recent statuses and maybe post a new one.

Messages: Visit your Messages page to quickly access all your City messages, and keep in touch with City users outside of groups.

Options: When you click this icon, you can a do few different things. You can search for people and groups, view your prayer list or current service opportunities, or log out. If you participate in more than one City instance, you can change instances here.

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Things to Remember

  • The Marketplace are currently only accessible through the desktop version of The City.
  • Though you can create an event from your mobile device, there aren't quite as many bells and whistles involved in the process.