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Before using the CASS It!™ module, you should know the following:

  • All ZIP Codes on mail matter must be accurate in order to qualify for discounted postal rates.
  • For Carrier Route Rates, addresses must be matched with CASS™ certified software that supplies enhanced Line of Travel (eLOT™) at least 90 days in advance.
  • For automation rate mailings, addresses must be matched using CASS certified software at least 6 months before mailing.
  • Carrier route sorting for bulk mail must meet the reformed postal sorting requirements for eLOT. ELOT tells the postal carrier the order in which to deliver the mail. The data required for eLOT is included on the CASS It CD used during the CASS certification process.

To use CASS It, you'll need to:

  1. Configure CASS It.
  2. Run CASS.
  3. View or print invalid addresses.
  4. Correct invalid addresses using the Suggestion List.
  5. Print Form 3553.