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As an administrator, when you set up subjects in Headmaster, you can select the grade type that you want to appear on the report card (numeric, letter, or points), options that affect the overall grade (such as adding a point for Honors or AP classes), and the method by which the final grade should be calculated (by averaging assignments or by averaging periods).

For example, HeadMaster Academy’s grading scale indicates that students receive an extra grade point for Honors classes, and a half grade point for AP classes. Additionally, the school has a policy that final grades should be calculated by averaging assignments. All classes should be included in the GPA and on the transcript. The school also wants to print the numerical and letter grade 1 on student report cards.

Mrs. Smith, an administrator for HeadMaster Academy, sets up classes for the school. First, she enters subjects, such as English, Biology, and History. In the Edit Subject window for each subject, Mrs. Smith selects the following options:

  • For Grade Type, Numerical/Letter Grade 1
  • Include in GPA
  • Include in Transcript
  • Calculate final grade by averaging assignments

When setting up subjects, Mrs. Smith does not select the Honors or AP option because only one of the multiple classes for each subject will be Honors or AP. She can set those options on the individual class record.

Next, Mrs. Smith sets up six English classes for ninth grade, four for the tenth grade, five for the eleventh grade, and five for the twelfth grade. In the Classes window, she clicks the Subjects tab. The settings she entered for the English subject have been applied. For the single Honors and AP class for each grade, she selects the Honors or AP options, as appropriate.

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