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You can exclude a grade from the overall calculation of the GPA for one or more students.

Example 1 – Mr. Smith told his class that he'd exclude each student’s lowest quiz score for each nine-week period prior to calculating final grades. In this case, Mr. Smith will use step 2 in the procedure below to omit the lowest quiz grade for each student.

Example 2 – During the final week of the report card period, Mrs. Kennedy gave her students a test. However, no student scored higher than a 70 on the test. Because Mrs. Kennedy is concerned that her students didn't understand the unit, she'd like to exclude this set of test scores for all of her students. Mrs. Kennedy plans to re-teach the concepts and test again in the next nine week period. Mrs. Kennedy will use step 3 in the procedure below to omit the lowest test grade for all students in the class.

 To exclude a grade from the calculation of the GPA
  1. On the Home screen, click Post Grades.
  2. On the left sidebar, select a teacher and grade level from the drop-down lists.
  3. In the assignment grid, select the cell that contains the grade you want to exclude.
  4. To exclude the grade for a single student, on the toolbar click Omit.
  5. To exclude the grade for all students, on the toolbar, click Update All > Omit for all students.

    Useful Information

    If you need to reverse the action in Step 5, click the Update All list and select Include for all students. The grade will now be considered when calculating the GPA.