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Generating Late Fees allows you to generate invoices for any past due money on the selected billing codes. Before generating late fee invoices, late fees must be attached to a billing code and the billing code must be attached to a student’s record. Once completed, you can generate late fee invoices.

 To generate late fee invoices

  1. Select Generate Late Fee Invoices, and click Next.
  2. All late fee billing codes will display in the Billing Codes grid. To further limit billing codes, use the following filters:
    • Billing Codes - filters billing codes based on name description. For example, type "T" in the Billing Codes field. The grid displays billing codes with descriptions that start with "T."
    • Revenue Centers - filters billing codes that are assigned to selected revenue centers.
    • Frequency/Entering an Invoice/Payment Wash - Filters billing codes that have a selected frequency, such as weekly or monthly.
  3. Enter a description.
  4. Enter the Invoice Date and the Invoice Due Date.
  5. Click Next.
  6. The Enter/Post Transactions window displays the total number of transactions and the total amount to post. To post late fee invoices, click Post.