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HeadMaster Desktop Enhancements


 There are two new Lesson Plan reports: Lesson Plans Compact and Lesson Plans Compact - All. These reports compact multiple categories of lesson plan information for you to view.


 The Preorder Summary report contains a filter option for specific months.

 There is a Preorder By Individual report.

 You can make multiple selections for deletion on the Sale Details window.

 We added a Print button in the Lunch Preorders window.

School Calendar

 When you print the calendar view, you can include the legend.

Check In/Out Maintenance

 The user name is recorded on the Student Check In/Out Detail report when records are manually added in the Check In/Out Maintenance section.


 You can copy events. On the Home screen, click Events. Select an event, and on the toolbar click Copy.


 We added a search box to the Select a Person dialog box. On the toolbar, click Edit. In the Family Form dialog box, click Select. The Select a Person dialog box displays with the new search box at the top.


 Document Type is a custom option on the Correspondence grid.

Seating Chart

 When you change the picture size, it is saved automatically.


 Administrators and users with Report View rights (except those with teacher logins) can access the Statistics tab. The Statistics tab is a customizable, statistics-at-a-glance feature where you can readily track the information that most interests you.

 On the Calendar tab, administrators and users with School Attendance rights (except those with teacher logins) can view a list of teachers who have posted attendance for the current day.

 On the Calendar tab, users (except those with teacher logins) can view a count of all teachers and students currently checked in. 

Define List

 The printout of billing codes includes the revenue center that the billing code is attached to.

ACS People Integration

 The following personal information now pushes to ACS: DOB, individual email address, individual phone number, and all individual name fields.

Improved Help Documentation

 The help documentation has been revised and restructured. Press your F1 key while viewing any window within the program, or directly access the HeadMaster User Guide.

Resolved HeadMaster Desktop Corrections

 The Skill Grades window disappeared when accessed through the Post Grades section.

 When a parent changed their HeadMaster Online password, their old password displayed in the Correspondence section.

 The Include Secondary Parents check box on Parent searches didn't work.

 The Families grid closed after selecting Window > Tile Horizontally.

 An Access Violation error displayed when printing the list of those who didn't receive an email correspondence. 

 Inactive classes displayed when previewing the Schedule tab in a student record.

 The Student Billing Code Assistant didn't display the correct count when removing billing codes.

 If the decimal place value was changed on a term, it didn't apply to the main transcript detail.

 When doing class attendance by student, prospective students were included in the attendance list.

 When designated payments exist, the amount due that printed at the bottom of statements didn't match the balance that printed at the top.

 The Lunch Preorder Summary didn't include count of those who have no lunch plan attached to their record.

 The Import from ACS didn't display Social Security Numbers correctly.

 When posting grades, and all assignments have averages of zero, the calculated average didn't display with zero.

 All Advanced Export file types weren't available for both HeadMaster Plus and Standard HeadMaster users.

 Inactive teachers and staff displayed in the Lunch section.

When posting grades while using the Drop Lowest Grade option, an error message displayed.

 The Yes to All button did not work while copying a class roll.

 The Check In/Out Invoices report displayed all time in minutes.

HeadMaster Online Enhancements

 Admin Login

  Vanco Payment Soultions users now have a Bank Deposit Report for Online Payments.

Resolved Headmaster Online Corrections

 Links in the Events section were not accessible with the Calendar menu option.