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HeadMaster Desktop

Expanded Pickup Options

People other than parents can now check students in and out 

We added the Pickup List so staff can administer pickups from one location:

Pickups can be new people that you add to the program, or you can select people from your HeadMaster database such as staff, other people, or even fellow students.

Each pickup is assigned a unique ID number associated with the students that they're authorized to pick up:

For example, if a couple of grandparents are authorized to be pickups for their grandchildren, those grandparents will check in using their own ID numbers and will be able to view and select their grandchildren's names for checkout.

 For extra security, when students are checking in or out, the Check In/Out window now displays their pictures and the pictures of the persons checking them out.

 We replaced the Print Badge Name button with a Save button, so visitors don't have to print another name badge while they check out. The Save button will display after visitors confirm their names while checking out.

The Check In/Out Maintenance window now includes pickups.

We added two new sections to the Check In/Out tab:

  • In the Screen Resolution section, you can optimize the resolution for mobile devices like tablets.
  • In the On Screen Keyboard Type section, you can set the keyboard type for the new on-screen keyboard available on the Check In/Out window.

 When you run the Parent ID Cards report, there's a new option you can select to include printing badges for all authorized pickups.

Revised Pickup Tab in Student Records

We updated the Pickup tab in the Student records to include more information:

  • You can view authorized family pickups and authorized non-family pickups.
  • You can include what type of relationship each pickup has with the student.

Field Changes in the Student Assistant Windows

We made changes to some of the fields in the Student Assistant:

  • When you enter new family information, the mobile phone number that you enter for the parents becomes the primary phone number in their Parent record. It will also display as the primary phone number for the records in the Student List.
  • The Pager and Fax fields were removed.
  • Tag and License fields were added for the Father and Mother for the purpose of recording student pickup information.
  •  In the Emergency Contact Information section, now there are First Name and Last Name fields instead of a single Name field.

We also made the same field changes to the Enrollment Form report.

Copy Options for Email Correspondence

 When you send email correspondence, you now have several options for receiving a copy of each email you send.

Save the Class Order in Grades Reports

You can set and save the class order in the following Grades reports:

  • Student Report Cards
  • Progress Report
  • Skill Grades - 2 Column
  • Skills Report

The class order will be saved also in your report copies.

View Inactive Classes When Editing a Student's Schedule

Select the Show Inactive check box in the Edit Schedule window to view inactive classes for students.

Unsubscribe Option in Emails

You now have the option to unsubscribe from emails sent through either HeadMaster OnDemand or HeadMaster Online. The unsubscribe link displays at the bottom of email messages.

Be aware that unsubscribing from emails means that you will also no longer receive other emails such as payment receipts.


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HeadMaster Online

Inactive Names Included in Payment Reports

The names of inactive parents, whose scheduled payments haven't been removed, now display in all payment reports.

Separate Name Fields for Pickups

When you add or edit pickups, there are now separate fields for the first and last name.

Email Notification for Payment Processing Errors

There's a new option under Online Payment Setup for you to send parents a notification email if their credit card is placed on hold.

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 HeadMaster Desktop Corrections

We fixed the following issues that affected some of our customers:

  • An error message displayed while adding a footnote to a grade for a new assignment.
  • The program toolbar could disappear from view, and there wasn't a way to make it display again.
  • An error message displayed while trying to add a new class or add/remove a student from a class that didn't have a teacher assigned to it.
  • A rounding error during grade lookup caused some to experience an incorrect letter grade and grade points on the printed transcript.
  • There was a long delay while trying to print student transcripts.
 HeadMaster Online Corrections

We fixed the following issues that affected some of our customers:

  • An error message displayed while trying to save any of the following reports as a file: Bank Deposit, Deleted Payments, Scheduled Payments, or Online Payments.


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