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Released July 25, 2019

We recommend updating to HeadMaster, which offers the following enhancements and corrections:

Constant Contact 

Authorize accounts

Due to security changes with Constant Contact, you must authorize your account before creating a contact list and sending emails. 

Authorizing your account gives Constant Contact permission to access contact and email information from HeadMaster. If you have multiple Constant Contact accounts, you must authorize each account. 

Add multiple accounts

Now, you can add multiple Constant Contact accounts and create contact lists for each one. 

HeadMaster Online

When you log into HeadMaster Online, a link to our legal policies displays underneath the login box.

HeadMaster Permanent Records

When adding a student who has the same first and last name as a student already in HeadMaster, a confirmation message now displays. The program also checks the student's middle name as well. 


 HeadMaster Corrections

We fixed the following issues that affected some customers:

  • When logging into HeadMaster from an OnDemand site, the program loaded to 18% then stopped. 

  • When removing students from a class without a grading period."Dbisam engine error #11949 sql parsing error-missing expression in Delete sql statement at line 2, column 1" displayed. 

  • When using a custom field on the online enrollment form, drop-down list items didn't display. 

  • When new families applied online, HeadMaster Online didn't select all families on the list to import. 

  • When entering grades for an assignment with a weight of zero, "Access violation at address: 00406DB2 in module 'HMClient.exe'. Read of address 83425080" displayed

  • When adding a new student, "Dbisam engine error#9729, duplicate key found in the index by description of the table trelatn' displayed. 

  • When copying and pasting dates in New Student Enrollment, an invalid date error displayed. 

  • When enrolling prospective students, HeadMaster placed them on administrative hold. Administrators had to manually edit each record to clear this option. This issue occurred for students imported from HeadMaster online and for new and existing families who added a new child to the family. 

  • When adding posted fields to the family directory report, "Cannot generate report. Posted: Could not open dataset: QYP" displayed. 

  • When a parent set up a recurring payment for every two weeks, the confirmation email displayed a weekly frequency. 

  • When parents logged into HeadMaster Online clicked on the Enrollment tab and for the new student application, an error displayed. 

  • When filtering the student list to display only the oldest students in a family, the report didn't display the correct results. 

  • On the Billing Statement, the Amount Due and the Balance Amount on the line with the Due Date and Check Number displayed different amounts. 

  • When printing student ID badges from the student list, the badges printed smaller than when printing badges from the Student ID Badge Report.

  • When clicking on New in Check In/Out Maintenance, some names displayed twice.