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HeadMaster Desktop Enhancements


We added two new columns to the Families grid: Family Balance and Unapplied. 

Useful Information

  • The Family Balance column is equal to the Amount Due minus the Unapplied.
  • The Unapplied column contains credits.

Enter/Post Transactions

We added two new columns to the Select Payments grid: Vanco Batch and Estimated Deposit Date.


When creating student ID cards, you can click Custom to add a predefined custom field to a plastic badge.

HeadMaster Online Import (within ACS Accounts Receivable)

In ACS Financials (version, we added two new columns to the Import Payments from HeadMaster grid: Vanco Batch # and Est. Deposit Date. 


HeadMaster Online Enhancements

You can add a URL to hide the HeadMaster banner and header when you display school announcements and events from HeadMaster Online on your school website.


In the Billing Report, now you can view your full balance instead of only the amount due. 


Useful Information

  •  The Unapplied Credit isn't applied to a specific billing code.
  •  The Family Balance equals the sum of the Amount Due and Unapplied Amount.


HeadMaster Desktop Corrections

  • When deleting lunch transactions from the Sale Detail window, a message displayed stating that the record could not be located.
  • When a staff member enrolled their child and their status changed to Parent, their lunch payment history was lost.
  • Staff members who pre-ordered lunches weren't included in the Preorder By Individual report.
  • If the Lunch Sale Details were filtered to show all sales for a specific day or a date range, it didn't include the sales to Other People.
  • An error message displayed when editing a person's phone number when their record was linked to ACS People but couldn't be located in the ACS People database.
  • The report filters set by a teacher would carry over to another teacher's login.
  • When a teacher printed correspondence to students, the student names didn't print in alphabetical order.
  • When a teacher sent emails to students, the deactivated students were included in the email delivery list.
  • The Schedule grid in student records didn't display the departments and course numbers.
  • When processing a search for students, clicking Refresh changed the grade-level numbers in the search results.
  • While printing or previewing the Student Transcripts report, the full name of the race field entry was cut off if it was more than 10 characters long.
  • The Student Transcript report didn't display information correctly for students with similar names (Example: John William Doe and John Christopher Doe).
  • An error message displayed while attaching a billing code to a student record.
  • An error message displayed after filtering a Student List selection customized to show age in the grid.
  • An error message displayed when adding a new reason code under School Attendance.
  • After sending a mass email in Headmaster, using the OnDemand default SMTP settings, the recipients get the wrong email address when they attempt to reply.
  • After deleting an immunization record, the system didn't delete the received date attached to the immunization record.
  • After clicking the refresh button, with ACS People names imported into HeadMaster, the social media information in those records overrode the primary email addresses.
  • Under Tools > Options > Permanent Records, after changing the transcript calculations from Average Terms to Average Classes, the GPA didn't automatically update.
  • When adding families to ACS People, the family birthday information was incorrect after adding the records.
  • In Correspondence, when you selected the Print only these individuals in the list check box and no names were selected, an email was still sent.
  • An error message displayed in the Email Low Balance report after editing the Low Balance letter.

HeadMaster Online Corrections

  • The Progress Report displayed the weight totals when the Use Weights check box (in HeadMaster desktop) wasn't selected for a class.
  • Parents were unable to pre-order lunches for January of the new year in December of the current year.
  • Some student names weren't included in the Student Directory or Staff Directory reports.
  • The Staff Directory didn't display staff members who were also parents.

HeadMaster Mobile Corrections

  • The URL link in the Homework section didn't function properly.