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HeadMaster Mobile Enhancements

No More Confusion With Blank Windows

 Have you ever opened an app window but it was blank?

For example, if you open the Attendance window when there's no attendance information, the window will be blank. It's easy to think there's something wrong with the app.

Now, a message will display in blank windows letting you know that the window is supposed to be blank. That way, you can move on to another window without wondering.

HeadMaster Desktop Corrections

We fixed the following issues that affected some of our customers:

  • The Teacher logins had access to the Purchase All Preorders option in the Lunch Management Assistant.
  • If a school administrator logged in and out of School Attendance after a teacher marked her class attendance, it would mark all students in classes not yet marked by other teachers as "None". We've corrected this issue to where now all student attendance statuses are always marked as "Present" by default.
  • While printing posted invoices, the school name and address information were being cut off.
  • A family's separate lunch transactions were included in the Transactions by Account report, but the Lunch Statement report included only one of the transactions.
  • While attempting to delete a menu item from the Sale Details section, a message displayed stating that the record couldn't be located.
  • In OnDemand, while doing promotions, a message displayed stating that the server must be paused.
  • In OnDemand, changing the Email Address for Replies option didn't work for emailed correspondence. The email recipients had the wrong Reply To address.
  • While exporting a group of teachers with the Advanced Export utility, some of the teachers weren't exported.
  • In School Attendance when you marked staff or students as None, they were flagged for Hot Lunch. So, their names were included in the Lunch Listing Report.
  • The Missing Assignments reports were displaying omitted assignments with no grades.
  • The Check In/Out Invoices report didn't include daily invoice totals for families.
  • The Low Balance Summary and Email Low Balance reports were including inactive families that had zero balances and students with free lunch plans.
  • The Lesson Plans-Daily report was displaying lesson plans for inactive classes.

HeadMaster Mobile Corrections

We fixed the following issues that affected some of our customers:

  • The HeadMaster Mobile App didn't open in Apple iOS9.
  • In the Academics window, a zero displayed next to each assignment that didn't have a grade posted.
  • If you viewed the student schedules in HeadMaster Online and then viewed them through HeadMaster Mobile, the subject descriptions displayed but the class names did not display.
  • With the Lunch Calendar option turned off, the Cafeteria balance displayed with a zero balance.