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There are a couple of locations within HeadMaster Online from which you'll handle online payment administration:

  • Click Options > Online Payments Setup. You completed this during initial setup, and now you can edit any of the fields anytime as needed. When your done editing, click Save
  • Click the Reports tab to view administrative reports. There are several reports that you may find useful:
    • Online Payments – Displays all online payments given for a selected date range. It lists who made the payment, payment date, payment type, receipt number, and amount paid.
    • Bank Deposit Report – Displays all deposits in your bank account. It lists the Batch ID, deposit date, batch type, number of transactions, and deposit total.
    • Scheduled Payments Report – Displays all recurring payments that have been scheduled.
    • Deleted Payments Report – Displays all online payments that have been deleted.

In order for the parent/guardian of a student to make online payments, they must be in the student's primary family and the student record must be set to Publish Online.

There's not much to administering your online payments because the process is efficient for you and your online payment customers.

If a transaction fails

Unprocessed recurring payments are placed on hold, and parents are notified by email. From this email, parents can sign into HeadMaster Online and fix the payment method.

Banks may or may not notify parents about any returns. Vanco will always notify the school but will never email parents directly. It's up to the school to decide how it wants to communicate this.

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