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Your organization must have a merchant account with Vanco Payment Solutions in order to set up online payments.

To help ensure the security of customer financial information, only Administrative users can set up online payments.

In order for the parent/guardian of a student to make online payments, they must be in the student's primary family and the student record must be set to Publish Online.

To set up online payments

  1. Log into HeadMaster Online as an administrator.
  2. Navigate to Options > Online Payments Setup.

  3. Select the types of payments you want to accept: Family payments, lunch payments, or both.
  4. Select the forms of payments you want to accept: Credit card, electronic check, or both.
  5. Select your deposit account.
  6. Enter the person in your organization who parents can contact about online payment questions. Be sure to include the contact email address.
  7. Edit any of the email templates you want:
    • Payments Processed – sent when an online payment has been processed.
    • Recurring Payments Setup – sent when a parent sets up a recurring payment.
    • Expired Credit Card – sent when a credit card on file has expired.
    • Expiring Credit Card – sent when a credit card on file is expiring soon.
    • Deleted Payment – sent when a parent deletes a payment.
    • Payment Processing Error – sent when there is an error processing the online payment.
  8. Enter the reply to email address for the automated emails, and the signature.
  9. Click Save.

Your ability to accept online payments is now set up. Parents can begin making one-time payments to your organization, or they can set up recurring payments.