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Church groups are the heart of connecting with other people for worship, prayer, and fellowship. Realm's group communication keeps you in touch with your groups from your desktop or on your mobile device. Here's how it works! 

Are you a group leader?

See also our group leader guide.

Group News

The news, sometimes called a newsfeed, is a list of content created by people in your groups. This content includes: 

Post: A message created by a member of your group that all other group members can read.

Photo: A single photo, or a gallery of photos, that group members share.

Event: An event created by a member of your group that other group members can RSVP for.

Group news comes in two flavors - a newsfeed for your individual groups and a newsfeed for all of your groups combined. 

To view the news for a single group, click Groups (Staff members: click Community first), and then choose the name of your group.

To view the news for all of your groups combined, click News (Staff members: click Community first).

Interacting with News 

When someone shares something that you like on the newsfeed, you can show your support by clicking or tapping the heart  at the bottom of the post. 

If you want to add a comment, click or tap and enter your comment. Everyone in your group can read and respond to your comments. 


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