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There is no mobile app required in order to use Realm on your smartphone, tablet, or similar device.

To access your data, open your church website in the browser of your mobile device.

On most mobile phones and some tablets, website pages will be condensed, with certain features being combined. The main menus available at the top of the window on a full-sized monitor, for instance, are combined into a single button on a mobile device:

By and large, most of the functions you can perform using a full-sized display can be performed on a mobile device.

There are some noticeable differences, however.

  • The admin menu commands Ministry Areas, Promotion, Attendance, General Settings, System Emails, Account Summary, and Billing are missing on the mobile menu. This does not necessarily mean you can't access those pages. Attendance is an example. You can open your group's page, select a past event, choose Mark Attendance, and still take roll even though the page can't be accessed through the main menu. By and large, if a page is hidden on the mobile menu, it is preferable to use it on a full-sized monitor because of its size or the degree of intricacy involved in its procedures.
  • Likewise, the help button and most information icons are not visible when accessing Realm from a mobile device.
  • You cannot merge possible duplicate records on a small mobile device, but should be able to on a tablet.
  • Dashboard PDF documents and batch reports (Gift List, Fund Distribution List) cannot be accessed on iPhone/Android phones.
  • Items under Recent Report History can be accessed on an iPhone/Android device, so if you need previously generated Fund Summary or Fund Detail reports that were generated on a tablet or desktop/laptop, you can retrieve those files from this section of Realm. The Fund Distribution List and Gift list are not included in Recent Report History at this time.