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Administrators and church staff: Profiles can be viewed and edited in full by clicking Admin > All Profiles.

Are you a group leader? See also our group leader guide.

 To view your profile
  1. Log in to the site.
  2. Click your name, then My Profile.
 To update your photo
  1. Log into the site.
  2. Click your name in the upper-right corner, and select My Profile.
  3. Point to the image to the left of your name and click it.
  4. Browse the image you want to use and select it.
  5. You might need to refresh your profile page to see the change.
 To edit your profile
  1. Log in to the site.
  2. Click your name, then My Profile.
  3. Click Edit Profile.
  4. Select either the Contact Information tab or the Personal Information tab, and enter or edit the fields displayed. See Additional Field Information below for details.
  5. Note, especially, any fields marked with an asterisk. These must be completed before you can save.
  6. Click Save.

 Additional Field Information

Depending on your church's setup, you might not see all of these fields on your web page. You might also have additional fields not described here.

Full Name
Note that this field contains a clickable icon  . You can either:

  • Enter a name, such as "Mrs. Krista Shandy" or "Mr. Amos Jackson, Jr." into the field directly. The name will be "parsed" automatically for the database. In other words, the software will attempt to break the entry into its component parts.
  • Click  and parse the entry manually, entering the different parts of the name into different fields.

Typically, you will enter your Home address in this field, but there are other options. A college student, for instance, might choose to enter a School address instead.

In order for members of a household to display on the same Household label, their mailing address must be linked on their profile records. If their mailing address is not linked on their records, each member will print on separate Household labels. To link addresses, on the profile record you want to link, click Link address, select the record you want to link to, then click OK.


For United States addresses, you can either:

  • Enter an address, such as "1200 Griggs Dr, Grosse Point, MI 48215" or "456 E. Lyerly Lane, Blackfoot, Idaho, 83221" into the text box directly. The address will be "parsed" automatically for the database. In other words, the address will be broken into its component parts: country, address, city, etc. You can see the parser work by running this test: Enter the address 123 Commerce St. <Enter> Independence, MO 64050 in the Address text box. Click , and notice how the address has been parsed automatically.
  • Click  and parse the entry manually, entering the different parts of the address into different fields.

For addresses not in the United States, the parser opens automatically when you click in the address box.

Add address
Click to enter an alternate address, such as a summer home. Select Use as mailing address to enter a date range during which your church mail should be sent here. This address will only be used for mailings.

Family members should not share email addresses if they intend to each have their own login.

You can enter up to four different phone types. Anyone with a family position of "Head" or "Spouse" may designate a Primary Phone number. You must also be a "Head" or "Spouse" in order to change these numbers.

If you select a Country other than the United States, a "+" displays in the phone field by default when you click in it.

When viewed on a mobile phone or on a computer enabled with a phone feature like Skype®, you can touch or click a phone number to dial it.

Social Media
Paste the URLs for your social media pages if you want to make them available to others. These will be displayed on your profile page as links


Your contact information is what other members will use when they want to get in touch. Your personal information includes gender, birthday, marital status, and campus—the church needs to keep this information current for its records and to give you accurate reports, statements, and updates.

Your Online Security

  • Don't be afraid to include all of the information asked for. You can decide later what data you want to hide online by setting your privacy preferences.
  • Also, feel free to enter your full birthday. The year and your age will not be displayed on your public profile