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Welcome to Your New Mobile Ministry

Realm opens up new ways for congregation to communicate. We've helped thousands of churches who have the Connect or Multiply Realm packages make similar transitions, and we're here to share that expertise with you. Whether you join us for a free webinar, or you invite us to visit your church, we want to help you get the most out of Realm.

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Leaders: Empowered 

Choose which communication settings are available at the Ministry Area level, or allow your group leaders to select settings on a per-group basis. 

New Communication settings allow you to choose which types of communication best fits your congregation. By default, the settings are turned off, allowing you to plan the best way to introduce these new features to your church.

For more information, click here.

Community: Streamlined 

Quickly navigate to groups, events, news, and giving on the web or mobile app.  

Before, your members logged in and saw their profile page first. Now, they go directly to the newsfeed to see what's going on.

The Realm Community menu has been re-designed to place the most important elements at your fingertips. Interact with your groups quickly using the Groups drop-down in the Community menu. Also quickly view events, group news, and giving information.

Newsfeed: Introduced 

Think of the Newsfeed like an online group bulletin board.

On the Newsfeed you can:

  • Write posts to other group members
  • Share photos in online albums
  • Create your own group events
  • Comment and Like items on the Newsfeed

Group posts have changed and are now a part of the new Newsfeed! You can still post and comment, but now, you can show your support with Likes and create photo albums to inspire. You can even set up RSVP events for your groups.

Be sure you've created a few posts so that congregants can respond to them when you introduce the Newsfeed.

To get group communication started, create your first post.

Group Events: Expanded 

Organize group-based RSVP events for the Newsfeed.

Group members can now create events for their own group Newsfeeds. Other members of the group can RSVP, indicate the number of guests they are bringing, and sign up to bring items needed to make the event a success.

Learn more about Group Events and RSVP Events here.

Design: Evolved 

Member profiles, group info pages and menus have a new look.


Realm: Mobile



The new Realm mobile app is designed for churches on the Realm Connect plan with communication features enabled. Once enabled, your entire church will be able to use Realm Connect, the mobile app.  Just keep an eye on your inbox for the date we'll activate your site. 

Available now for iOS and Android, search for Connect - Our Church Community in your app store. If you have a QR reader on your smartphone, open it and point your phone at the QR code below to download the mobile app.

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