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The Giving Forms area displays your church's giving forms, as well as each form's number of gifts, the date of the last gift, and the total of all gifts through the form.

Adding Giving forms

Before your contributors can give online, you must set up at least one giving form. To track gifts for several campuses or ministries, you can add multiple giving forms.  You can also set up your default giving form and select if you want to use a form for text or mobile gifts.

You can customize a giving form's design and thank you message. When you select color schemes for your giving form, you can enter hexadecimal values to "brand" your form for your church, or add a picture that represents the gift's purpose. If you want to show contributors what kind of impact their gifts make, you can even add a customized thank you message.

 To add a giving form
  1. Under Admin, click Giving Forms.
  2. Under Giving Forms, click Add Giving Form.
  3. Under Options, enter your Giving Form Name. Each form must have a unique name.
  4. In the Unique URL field, enter at least three characters to set up a URL for your giving form. For example, if your giving form is named Christmas Giving, you could enter Christmas.
  5. Optional: Enter a Suggested Gift amount and a Text giving keyword.
  6. Optional: Select to use this as your default giving form, text giving form, or mobile giving form.
  7. Under Included Funds, select the funds to include on this giving form. If you select multiple funds, you can drag and drop the funds to reorder them.
  8. Click Save & Continue.
  9. In the Design area, you can customize your giving form's header and style options. As you make changes, you'll see how the form looks to your contributors.
    • Under Header, enter your giving form's TitleSubtitle, and Intro message. You can also include a photo and choose the header's background color.
    • Under Style Options, you can use a dark scheme for the form's overlay or body. To change the color of the form's buttons, click Select an accent color. To change the form's font, select a style (ModernTraditional, or Bold).
  10. When you finish customizing your form's design, click Save & Continue.
  11. Under Thank You Message, you can enter a personalized message for contributors to see after giving. If you're not sure what to enter, click Need Ideas? to see suggestions. 
  12. When you finish, click Save.

Editing Giving Forms

After you've set up a giving form, you can edit it if something changes. If you need the giving's form's URL to place it on your website, this displays when you edit it.

Beside the giving form you want to edit, click , then Edit.

Duplicating, Deactivating, and Setting a Default Giving Form

You can also duplicate giving forms, change your default giving form, or deactivate forms.

Duplicating Giving Forms copies the giving form, which is helpful if you need to set up a new giving form that's similar to an existing one. You can duplicate the existing giving form, then change any settings that are different.

To duplicate a giving form, click , then Duplicate.

Deactivating Giving Forms replaces all instances of the giving form with your default giving form.

For example, suppose you create a giving form for a Summer Mission Trip. After the trip is over, you can deactivate this fund, If someone uses a saved URL to try to give, the default giving form displays, so they can still donate to your church. 

To deactivate a giving form, click , then Deactivate.

Abundant saves the form's settings, so you can activate it next summer without having to recreate it. To activate a giving form, click , then Activate.

Setting a Default Giving Form is a good idea for your church's general fund. To set a default giving fund, click , then Make Default.

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