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An event package is a series of interconnected events. A main event can have several smaller events, and each smaller event can have its own charges and requirements. A wedding is an example of an event package. The actual wedding ceremony is one event, but it's usually preceded and followed by many other events, such as an interview, counseling sessions, rehearsal, and reception.

Before You Add an Event Package

You must set up elements for the package before adding it. Do the following:

  • Review the Requirement Types keywords category to ensure it includes all the requirement types necessary for the event package. You can add requirement types directly to the keyword list, when you schedule the events, or in the Package Events window.


  • Set up the organization and contact names. You can set up a generic organization, such as "Wedding", to use for similar event packages.

Adding an Event Package

titleTo add an event package
  1. On the Information tab, click Event Packages.
  2. In At the Tasks grouptop, click Add Pkg.
  3. Enter the package name. For example, "Bailey/Johnson Wedding".
  4. Select the organization scheduling the event package.
  5. In the Package Remarks memo box, enter remarks about the event package, if necessary.
  6. Click Next.
  7. In the list on the left, select items to include in the package. You can select individual items or entire templates. Click the right and left arrows to move items from one list to the other, or double-click the item to move it.
  8. After you move all items you want in the event package to the list on the right, click Next.
  9. For each event, enter or select the date, facility, and starting and ending times. If conflicts occur, the details display.
  10. To schedule each item, select Mark to Schedule. The Simple Event Scheduling wizard displays.
  11. As you schedule each event, it displays in the Scheduled Events grid. To modify event information, select the event in the grid, and click Load Event.


    You can also double-click an item in the grid to modify the event.

  12. You can click Finish at any time.

    titleUseful Information

    If you click Finish before you schedule all events, the Schedule Now button displays next to the event in the Package Events window. When you're ready to continue scheduling, in the navigation pane, click Complete Schedule.


Adding Items to an Event Package

In the Event Packages window, you can add items from a template, event names, requirements, and charges/payments to an existing event package.


titleTo add an event name, requirement, or charge/payment
  1. On the Information tab, click Event Packages.
  2. Locate the package record you want to add items to.
  3. In the list, select the line above where you want to add the item, and click Add Item.
  4. Select the item to add, and click Add/OK.
  5. Enter or select any information about the item.

    titleUseful Information
    • If you add an event name, be sure to include the package name. For example, "Scheduling Meeting - Bailey/Johnson Wedding".
    • If you add a requirement, the drop-down list uses items from the Requirement Types keyword list.
    • If you add a charge/payment, the drop-down list uses items from the Charges/Payments Descriptions list.
  6. Click Save.


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