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You can create name badges in the People module.

titleTo create name badges
  1. Under Searches and Reports, click the Reports tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select People Reports and click Go .
  3. Under People Reports, expand Labels.
  4. Select Name Badges and click Customize.
  5. Under Name Options, select the type of label name you want to print on your name badges.
  6. Under Report Options, select the options you want to apply.
  7. Under Search Results, select Use Last Search Results if you want to use your last search results.
  8. In the Badge Style drop-down list, select the badge style.
  9. On the sample badge, select the line you want to format.
  10. Under Badge Setting, select what field type you want to print on the selected line. To format the font for this line, click Font.
  11. Repeat steps 8 to 10 for each line of the name badge.
  12. Click Preview to view your name badges.
  13. To print the badges, click Print Report .

Fd panel
titleAdditional Field Information

Name Options

Formal, Informal, or Custom Label Name
Select one of these options to print individual names in the selected format.

Custom Label Name Options
The following options are available for Custom Label Names Only. If you select Formal or Informal Label names, these check boxes are unavailable.

  • Print Last Name First — Select to print an individual's name in Last Name, First Name format.
  • Print Middle Name — Select to print an individual's middle name. If this option is not selected, the middle initial prints by default.
  • Print Goes By Name — Select to print the name by which an individual is commonly known.
  • Print Title — Select to print an individual's title, such as "Mr." James Aaron or "Mrs." Jane Aaron.
  • Print Suffix — Select to include suffixes, such as Jr., Sr., or III.

Report Options

Include Deactivated People
Select to include deactivated records in the report.

Select to set a filter using selected fields to filter the information printed in the report. To set the fields to filter by, click Select.

Custom Sort
Select to sort the printed information by selected fields. To set the fields to sort by, click Select.

Search Results
Select to use the results of your last search to print the report.

Badge Setting

Badge Style
Select the appropriate name badge style from the drop down list.

  • Name — Select to print the individual's name in the selected space on the name badge.
  • Data Field — Select to print a data field in the selected space on the name badge. To choose a data field, click Select.
  • Text — Select to print custom text in the selected space on the name badge. To open the Text dialog box, click Select.
  • Blank — Select to print a blank line in the selected space on the name badge.
  • Font — Click to open the font dialog box and format the font you want for your name badges.

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