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Fd panel
titleAdditional Field Descriptions

Master Group
Click the drop-down list to select the master group you want to mark attendance for.

If you entered a quick code when you created the roster, enter it here. The roster highlights in the data tree area.

All Levels
Select to mark attendance for all levels of the master group.

Show Deactivated
Select to show deactivated sub-levels or rosters in the selected master group. If you select this option, deactivated master groups also display in the Master Groups drop-down list. 

If you set up several events within a master group, this field displays the selected event or roster. To select the event, click the drop-down list.

Posting Date
Displays the date attendance is posted. The default date is the previous Sunday. To enter a date from the calendar, click the down arrow.

Use this when the majority of your students are absent. To mark an individual present, under Mark, select Present. In the grid, double-click the individual.

Use this when the majority of your students are present. To mark an individual absent, under Mark, select Absent. In the grid, double-click the individual. After you change an individual's marking, you cannot change the way you are posting until you post that current class, then change dates.

Disable Barcode
Select to turn off the ability to mark attendance using a bar code scanner. The Scan Barcode field does not display when you select Disable Barcode.

Use Marking Colors
Select to turn on marking colors. Individuals marked absent display in red; individuals marked present display in blue.

Total Present
Displays the total number of individuals present for the selected roster. This number includes summary fields labeled Add to Head Count.

Total Absent
Displays the total number of individuals absent for the selected roster.

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