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For some organizations, a system administrator might perform the HeadMaster installations. Once the installations are complete, the HeadMaster program must be set up and configured for all of the individuals in the organization who will use it. Setting up and configuring the program requires an individual with an administrator account.

The lists below outline the steps for getting started with HeadMaster. As an administrator, you can complete all the steps in the following order.


Download the Getting Started With HeadMaster PDF .

Before You Begin

Before you install and begin setting up HeadMaster...

Verify that your computers meet the minimum system requirements.

View our installation recommendations.

Installing HeadMaster

 Select an installation method.

 Connect to the HeadMaster database.

 Log into HeadMaster for the first time.

Setting Up HeadMaster

Set up users and user security.

Customize program options and lists.

Import and export data.

 Back up and restore data.


If your organization purchased HeadMaster Online, we recommend that you ensure HeadMaster properly uploads data to HeadMaster Online. Remember that once HeadMaster Desktop version data is uploaded to HeadMaster Online, relevant charges will apply.

Learning More About HeadMaster

 Access the HeadMaster Video Training Library.