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titleTo add a facility
  1. On the Information tab, click Facilities.
  2. In At the Tasks grouptop, click Add Fac.
  3. In Enter the Fac Name field, enter the name of the facility or group of facilities.
  4. Enter an abbreviation of the facility name. This is printed prints on calendars and reports to save space.
  5. In the Remarks text box, enter information Enter any remarks about the facility, if necessary.
  6. If the facility is located at your organization's address (as it is entered in the License Information window), select Use Default Address. Otherwise, enter the facility's address.
  7. If you have features set up, select which feature(s) the facility has.
  8. In the navigation pane, click Contacts, and enter contact information for the facility. 
  9. In the navigation pane, click Charges, and enter charges for the facility.
  10. Click Save.


In the SubGroups window, you can add facilities to a facility group. Subgroups are a convenient way to schedule multiple facilities at one time. For example, you can add a facility group called Classrooms, then add each classroom as a facility in the group.

titleTo add facilities to a group
  1. Locate the facility you want to make a group. For example, "Classrooms".
  2. In the navigation pane, click SubGroups.
  3. Insert the facilities you want to add to the group. For example, "Room 101", "Room 102", "Room 205", and so on.
  4. Click Save.