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In many ACS reports, you can select member statuses in the report results.

For example, you might need to prepare a Master Listing of People report with non-resident members flagged so you can send them a special insert for your organization's homecoming celebration. In this situation, the Flag People option comes in handy, and people with the member status you selected are flagged with an asterisk.

Flagging people is not available for all reports. If this is the case, the option is grayed-out.

titleTo flag member statuses in a report
  1. In the reports window, select the report you want to customize.
  2. Optional: If the report is a Contributions or Financial Suite report, select the appropriate date range in the lower sidebar.
  3. Click Customize.
  4. Under Report Options, select Flag People and click Select.
  5. In the Member Statuses column, select the member status you want to flag and click Add. Your selection displays in the Selected Member Statuses column. You can select up to five statuses, depending on the report.
  6. To accept your selections and return to the customize window, click Close.
  7. To view the report, click Preview.
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