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The Serving tab lets you establish your availability to serve in the organization and view associated attributes.


Availability for Serving

In this section, you can set the availability for serving and enter any special information about your ability to serve.

titleTo set up your serving availability
  1. In Access ACS, click Home > My Profile.
  2. On the My Profile tab, click on the Serving sub-tab.
  3. Select a time from the drop-down list.
  4. Select the day or days you are available.
  5. Enter any special notes or considerations in the Notes text box. For example, "Is certified in CPR."



The Attributes section displays the attributes assigned to the selected individual.

titleTo add an attribute
  1. Click Add Attributes.
  2. On the Personal Volunteering Details page, select the attributes you want associated with the individual.
  3. Click Save.
titleTo edit an attribute
  1. Click Edit


  1. Image Added beside the attribute group you want to edit.
  2. Make the necessary changes on the Personal Volunteering Details page.
  3. Click Save.


Serving Commitments

The Serving Commitments section displays the serving commitments for the selected individual. Current serving commitments display automatically. To view past serving commitments for the individual, click Show History.

The serving opportunity name, position, date and leader display in the section.

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