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When contributors give via text, they text your church's keyword, along with the gift amount, to the 5-digit number.

Example:   If your church's permanent keyword is FBCMTPLEASANT,


contributors text FBCMTPLEASANT $10 to give




toward the default texting fund.

    • Choose a keyword that represents your church as a whole. 
    • Short, easy to remember keywords are best. The longer the word is, the more likely a donor contributor will enter a typo.
    • You cannot change your church's keyword, so review your choice carefully before accepting it. 


After your church keyword is set up, funds enabled for text giving display on this tab. You can assign fund keywords to each fund so donors contributors can contribute give toward specific campaigns. 

Example:   You can set up a fund keyword for the building fund. Your permanent church keyword is FBCMTPLEASANT, and your building fund keyword is BUILD. Donors can Contributors can text FBCMTPLEASANT BUILD $10 to give a $10 donation to the building fund.

Each fund can have multiple keywords (separated by a semicolon), but two funds cannot have the same keyword. So, if the Missions fund uses the keyword GIVE, no other fund at your church can use that keyword. 

titleTo assign fund keywords
  1. On the Text Giving tab, under Funds for Text Giving, click on the fund you want to assign a keyword for. If no funds display, return to the Funds Setup tab and select the funds you want to allow text giving for.
  2. In the Fund Keyword(s) field, enter a fund keyword.
  3. If this fund is the default fund for text giving, select Default Texting Fund. If the donor contributor doesn't include a fund keyword, the gift is allocated toward the default texting fund.
  4. When finished, click Submit.