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The Ministers You can view existing minister information or add new ministers to the program. On the Information tab, click Ministers.

These windows display information about a minister, such as contact information, assignments, date restrictions, availability for scheduling, and mass preferences. You can also add new ministers to the program here. To access minister information, on the Information tab, click Ministers.:

  • How to get in touch with a minister (Contact Information, Other Addresses)
  • Scheduled assignments (History of Assignments, Assignment Options)
  • When the minister can and cannot serve (Date Restrictions)
  • Which masses the minister likes to serve (Mass Preferences)

Locating a Minister

Use the Navigation group on the ribbon to locate the record of a particular minister. You At the top, you can search for a single record based on using a minister's name, an address, phone number, and the like. Or or other identifier.

Alternatively, you can scroll through each record until you find the one minister you wantneed. For more information, see Locating Locate a Record.


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