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Comment: PDS-5817 (5934)


This will be added after the Dec 2017 release (PDS-5817):

Once you build your batch, you can filter or search the information in the grid.

  • Filter the List – Use the filter to see only the results you want in the list. Clear the filter to see all the transactions in the batch again.
  • Search in the List – Use this option to "jump" to a certain transaction. You'll continue to see the entire batch, but your cursor moves to the transaction you're looking for. If multiple transactions match your search, this works like the filter and only shows those results in the list.

To change the option fields for a batch at any time during the quick posting, in the Quick Posting window, click Options.

titleAdditional Information

Quick Posting Window
This window contains a grid that displays fund payment/donation information for families. The batch number is assigned and posted to the bottom grid of the Rates/History/Keywds window.

Under the family's information above the grid, you have options to add or change rates and keywords, view the family's giving history, or edit family information and view members.

Restrict Content
titleCompany-View Only
titleUseful Information

You can resize and reorder the grid columns by clicking the column heading and dragging and dropping it in the new location.

Quick Posting Options
Use this dialog box to select information that you want to repeat automatically for each payment/donation. You can also automatically post check numbers, comments, and attendance for all entries. Additionally, you can export the totals to PDS Ledger or QuickBooks.

To open this dialog box during the quick posting, in the Quick Posting window, click Options.

Quick Posting Batches
If you save your batch and return to the quick posting at a later time, your existing batches display in this dialog box. You can continue the quick posting with an existing batch, create a new batch to use, or delete a batch.